Plastic surgery and smoking

Thanks to modern medical advances, plastic surgeries have moved from the category of luxury and destiny to Hollywood stars, to the category of operations quite affordable. Therefore, the representative of the fair sex, turning to a plastic surgeon, can fix his chest or nose, ears or lips. Yes, almost any part of the body that representatives of the strong half of humanity pay attention to.

But plastic surgeries, like other types of surgical interventions, have their contraindications. And one of the contraindications is smoking. Smoking, interfering with the healing process, can lead to various kinds of complications. When smoking, oxygen and nutrients enter the cells in insufficient quantities, which significantly slows down the process of their regeneration and leads to delayed healing of wounds. Nicotine and carbon monoxide have a particularly negative effect on this process. That is why smoking, pregnancy and plastic surgery are incompatible concepts.

Due to the effects of substances with toxic properties contained in tobacco smoke, the structure of the patient’s skin is disturbed. Therefore, the consequences for a woman who smokes during plastic surgery can be very deplorable – tissue necrosis is possible.

A woman who smokes needs to make a choice: either take a puff of tobacco smoke or quit smoking and make a figure or face correction using plastic surgery. The negative effects of nicotine are especially dangerous during plastic surgeries such as facelift and tummy tuck.

Therefore, at least – 2 weeks before plastic surgery, it is necessary to abstain from smoking. And it is especially important not to smoke for a month after surgery. Better yet, forever give up cigarettes.

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