The operation is known as buttock augmentation, gluteoplasty, buttock plastic, butt implants, buttock implants, buttocks augmentation. The operation is performed with atrophy of adipose tissue, muscles, deformation of the buttocks (due to injuries, past illnesses), dropping of the buttocks, or if their volume is simply small (with a constitutional feature of the body structure). After surgery, the shape of the buttocks improves by increasing their volume, as well as lifting their upper part. This operation is also advisable in the case of flat buttocks, when sports and fitness are not very promising.

Prosthetics with special implants is the only safe and effective method that allows not only increasing the volume, but also making it possible to significantly improve the shape of the buttocks.

To increase the buttocks, proven certified implants of well-known European manufacturers are used, which avoids possible complications. The implants are coated with silicone elastomer, and the density of the silicone filler corresponds to the density of the gluteal region. The shape and size of the implants is determined by the doctor after appropriate measurements.

Plastic surgery
at the clinic of Dr. Mylnikov


The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The skin incision, 3-5 cm long, is located in the upper corner of the buttock fold at the tailbone. Implants are placed under the muscle fascia of the gluteal muscles. The buttock consists of three muscle groups. In this zone, the mass of vital vessels and nerves is concentrated, so the operation is carried out delicately and lasts a little more than two hours. Implants are placed under the gluteus maximus muscle in the upper external squares. After placing the prosthesis, a thin cosmetic suture is applied, it is removed after 10-14 days and remains invisible in the future.

Immediately after the operation, special underwear is put on to reduce the risk of postoperative complications. Further, wearing compression underwear is recommended for 1.5 – 2 months, in order to better fix the prosthesis and support soft tissues. 2-3 months after the operation, the patient ceases to feel the presence of the prosthesis even when sitting and walking. By this time, the implants are already firmly fixed and do not move.

After surgery, it is usually necessary to stay in the clinic for up to three days, as in the first days after buttock enlargement, it is difficult for the patient to walk, sit, get up. Pain in the early days can be pronounced when walking and when lowering the legs from the bed. There may be severe swelling. The sensitivity of the skin in the area of surgery, as a rule, decreases, followed by a slow recovery. Edema and hemorrhage may persist in the area of surgery for several days.

Gradually, pain disappears and you can return to your normal lifestyle. This may take from 8 to 12 weeks.
Avoid playing sports for 3 months.

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