Коррекция рубцов и шрамов

Scar Correction

Scar removal is a fairly common and safe operation to date. Skin scars may be the result of surgery, as well as a trauma, burn or skin disease.

Scars are a modified connective tissue that has a different nature. Therefore, it is important to separate the categories of physiological scarring, when the removal of postoperative scars is not necessary (pale and compact scars), and the category of pathological scarring, when the removal of scars and scars of red or blue color is really necessary.

Plastic surgery
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Depending on the nature of cicatricial deformities, the following methods for their elimination can be distinguished:

  • Surgical excision
  • Drug therapy
  • Ointment therapy
  • Laser scar removal
  • Mechanical grinding
  • Cosmetic tattoo, etc.

The correct choice of scar removal technique depends on the nature of the keloid (scar), its location, extent, possible functional impairment, as well as the patient’s preference. Professional medical advice is another factor influencing the choice of technique.

Removal of scars on the face or on the body will entail noticeable changes both aesthetically and functionally. And although it’s almost impossible to completely get rid of scars, modern technologies provide you with a chance to significantly improve the condition of your skin, and maybe your soul

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